Rust is a early alpha game on steam that was featured on stream.

"Destroying work-benches is our calling card"Edit

There were many people who lived on the server and they all lived in harmony, untill the admin nation attacked. Our only hopes, Nate and Rich, had vanished. they went searching for interesting things in the world and could not save Mish and Ian from absolute decimation. While Nate and Rich were out searching, they found two odd shacks just sitting on a ledge. When news came in of the attack, our heros had the great idea of smashing their heads against the shacks until they 'sploded but it was taking too long so they used hatchets instead. afterwards they destroyed the work benches and took every single thing they could from the crates within. Only on the way back did the admins let our heros know who's shack they actually destroyed, the admin's shacks.

The Shack Destroyers (Rich and Nate)11:33

The Shack Destroyers (Rich and Nate)

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